Election Integrity

My fellow Americans,

Election integrity is a critical issue, and I have received numerous briefings and read articles by cybersecurity and statistical and data analysis experts over the past few years. Since the election, many people have approached me, expressing their dismay and asking how we find ourselves in this sad state of affairs. I offer the following simplistic "plain English" explanation to shed some light.

There has been fraud in our election system for years, and it is becoming all the more obvious. The top three states for fraud are California #1, Texas #2, and Florida #3; those are also the top three states for electoral votes, respectively. 

Every voter is profiled, and your voting history is information that candidates and others can purchase. I haven't missed an election since I was 18, so I'm a voter with a high propensity to vote, and I would have a rank of 4/4. Conversely, someone who rarely votes, if ever, would have a ranking of 1/4. Other voters are ranked as 2/4 or 3/4. Someone wanting to commit fraud would cast a vote for someone who rarely votes before they use the identity of someone who frequently votes. 

States have dirty voter roles. People who have died or moved need to be removed from the rolls; otherwise, their registration can be used to cast a fraudulent vote. Furthermore, state election websites and devices are vulnerable to those who want to manipulate the voter registration data or change posted election results. If in doubt, read articles about how easily these were hacked at DEFCON 2018.

The use of machines in our elections only helps fraudsters and cyber criminals. There are supply chain issues; many of the machine components are made in China, which has actively tried to influence our elections. Machines can be used to manipulate votes. Furthermore, machines can be hacked via thumb drives and wireless modems, which many of these election machines have. These vulnerabilities are a blinding flash of the obvious for anyone who understands cyber security or has taken note of the successful hacking attempts at DEFCON. 

Some states use electronic poll books for voters to sign in as they arrive at the polls. These devices provide a real-time report of who has shown up to vote -- valuable insight for those who want to commit fraud. This is why, only on occasion, someone who shows up to vote in person is told they have already voted. If this ever happens to you, report it to your sheriff immediately, for this is identity theft and vote fraud. 

People frequently notice that voting in their region follows a consistent pattern for almost every contest in each election. This is because there are well-funded organizations nationwide that use a localized algorithm to determine how many fraudulent ballots need to be cast via early voting or mail-in ballots before election day to achieve their predetermined outcome.

In 2020, many states moved to universal mail-in ballots under the guise of "safety" due to the "pandemic." As a result, ballots are sent to people who did not request them or to people who do not reside at the address. This is a fraudster's dream come true, for all of these ballots can be used to cast a vote, whether or not the voter uses them. Given the historically low voter turnout, sending ballots to 100% of registered voters affords fraudsters a lot of "credit" to use to manipulate the votes to get their desired outcome. 

Lastly, some states, like California, do not require an ID to vote. So anyone can walk into the polls and claim to be someone if they know their name and address. This is also identity theft as well as vote fraud. Common sense would dictate that anyone who wishes to vote would be required to show an ID with proof of US citizenship, for the outcome of elections determines the future of our country. 

This is not about whether your preferred candidate or my preferred candidate wins. This is about ensuring that the outcomes of our elections represent the will of We The People, and presently they do not. 

There was a time when we all showed ID and voted in person on election day in small precincts where the votes were hand-counted, and we knew the election results that night. There has been a massive mis-, dis-, and malinformation campaign over the years to convince people that this cannot be done or shouldn't be done, but the truth is it must be done if We The People want to regain control of the destiny of our country.  



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